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Bodybuilding in Kanpur With Bells Gym

We are dedicated to maintaining a no-nonsense environment when it comes to bodybuilding. It’s not an overnight miracle. Bodybuilding takes time, focus and consistency. With a hardcore training facility and top-notch trainers, we cater to lifters looking to bulk up. Whether you are just a beginner or at an advanced level of bodybuilding, our trainers are here to guide you along every stage to help you achieve that desired body. As a beginner, you will be trained more frequently than the advanced trainer because of the simple reason that as you get more experienced, you learn to push your muscles harder and you will see dramatic gains within few months of training. Our trainers help you push beyond your limits, nudge the body to recover and grow to prepare for future workouts. With hearts pounding and adrenaline pumping, get ready to wake up your inner beast!

Why Join Bells Gym For Bodybuilding in Kanpur?

 Skilled & Updated Trainer

At Bells, we use time-proven techniques and versatile trainers who are updated and monitored regularly based on the latest fitness trends and practices that are goal-oriented and cater to your specific needs and requirements.

 Nutrition Advice

With great training comes great nutrition. No matter what your goal, right supplements and nutrition guidance can help you achieve the desired results. We help you set up customized nutrition plans focusing on your specific needs, tastes and dietary restrictions and develop healthier food habits.

 Latest Equipment

We are well-equipped with the latest machinery that is safe and user-friendly. You will find here all kinds of tools and equipment that you will ever need. We offer a variety of weights machines that will cover every aspect of weight training.

 Effective Workout Schedules

Our classes are known to be very effective. The wide range of equipment and layout eliminates overcrowding and creates adequate space for functional training leading to effective workout sessions.

Weight Gain


Do you want to feel stronger and be more active or need to bulk up to add more muscle? Then simply binging on food in the desire to gain a few pounds will lead you nowhere. However, with appropriate exercise combined with a good diet, food gets converted into muscle mass which helps in building a good and healthy body. Here at Bells, we will help you do exactly the same. Gain weight in the right way- minimum body fat and lots of good muscle. We will help you work on an ambitious training and nutrition strategy, mass building exercises, sufficient volume and intensity-boosting techniques. Specific weight goals make it easier to track the progress. On the journey to weight gain, we will help you to train heavy, supplement wisely and give the body time to rest.

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Rohit Singh

"Has Your Nearest Gym Failed To Deliver Results? It’s Time to Try The Ultimate Unisex Gym in Kanpur – Bells Gym”

In 2004, Rohit Singh, who is a well-established fitness trainer himself, founded Bells Gym. His passion for fitness led him to establish one of the best gyms in the city.With a focus on community and team building, he has come a long way in the world of health and fitness along with various others following in his footsteps. He is a friend, guide and counselor who will inspire you and motivate you all along your fitness journey. His mentoring and fitness guidance sessions have proved beneficial to many. He is committed to his goals, which is helping more and more people achieve their fitness goals.Your search for the right fitness trainer ends here. With his undying, unrelenting attitude towards fitness, he will help you unleash, push your limits, find your potential and become the best version of you.


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